We understand that jewellery and precious belongings can be highly sentimental and that some pieces may have been passed down through many generations.

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An independent valuation by a qualified professional valuer is essential to ensure that you obtain a fair and accurate price estimate reflecting the true worth of your precious items.

 At JVL, we make it our mission to support consumers to make the right decisions in protecting their valuable belongings and we provide professional and impartial advice to those who are insuring, making legal or financial decisions, or those who simply admire gemstones and jewellery and wish to protect their beloved investment.

With a commitment to ethical trade practices and customer service, we provide honest and reliable valuations defined by their purpose and based on the market being considered. We believe consumers expect to receive good quality, consistent, and professional service. We maintain our professional profile through extensive market research and ongoing industry training.


Jewellery Valuation Laboratory – A leading provider of jewellery valuation service in Melbourne! Over time, the values of jewellery fluctuate, which is why it is important to have them valued every so often. At JVL, we are delighted to offer diamond and gold jewellery valuation service for insurance, collateral, liquidation, probate, private sale and other purposes. Our jewellery valuers examine your treasure meticulously and provide a written valuation certificate that includes full description and details of your item.

How Can We Help You?

Gold and Diamond jewellery valuation process is not about simply looking at your item and estimating the price. Rather, it involves a complex process that requires specialised equipment and a high-level of expertise to find out the exact quality and value of the jewellery. The professional experience and qualifications of our gemologists guarantee that you will receive an accurate value for your valuable items.

Let’s Provide Impartial Advice!

At JVL, we are committed to helping our customers to make the right decisions in protecting their belongings. Our gemologists not only value your jewellery, but also provide impartial advice to those who simply admire gemstones or those who are insuring and making legal and financial decisions.

We Adhere To Ethical Trade Practices!

As a registered jewellery valuer in Melbourne, we adopt only ethical trade practices and provide reliable and honest valuations based on your purpose and the market being considered. Moreover, we treat your precious item with great care and return it to you in the same condition as you have entrusted to us.

We Are Affordable!

Jewellery valuation price varies according to the complexity of the item being valued and the purpose of the valuation. At JVL, we strive to provide detailed and thorough valuation while charging a fair fee.

Determining the exact market value of your jewellery is the only way to make sure that your insurance is sufficient to cover them against damage, theft or loss. If you want to uncover the true value of your jewellery, feel free to contact us at 03 8596 5908. We can help you with any questions you have.

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Technical Knowledge

A member of the National Council of Registered Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) & a fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA)

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Registered Valuer

A good understanding of the valuation principles, methodology and ethics that apply to the

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Impartial advice

As an independent jewellery valuer and gemstone grader, it means customers can be

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From start to finish, client property and information are protected. Stones and Jewellery are kept in a

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Latest Gemmological Equipment

Modern State of the art Gemological laboratory equipment, to ensure the client receives an accurate appraisal,

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