About JVL

Jewellery evaluation

JVL is an independent valuation and appraisal service that specialises in providing professional jewellery valuation certificates and reports to the jewellery trade, private clients, insurance, legal and financial institutions.

Welcome to Jewellery Valuation Laboratory

JVL offers jewellery valuation and appraisal services by qualified valuers. We specialise in the identification, assessment, and valuation of Jewellery, diamonds, coloured stones and pearls.

Our valuations are supported by our modern gemmological laboratory, operating in accordance with local and international standards. JVL’s laboratory equipment allows for precise scientific testing methods.

JVL is a registered member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) and Gemmological Association Of Australia (GAA) adheres to a code of ethics that protects the customer, upholds quality standards, and provides accurate and fair advice.

We believe that when it comes to valuing your jewellery, there should be no compromise.

Company Profile

Registered jewelley valuer, Sarah Zeneldin, is a qualified gemmologist and diamond technician.

She is a graduate of the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA) and is a gemmologist with over a decade of experience in the jewellery trade as a detail-oriented retail specialist. She is a member of the National Council of Registered Jewellery Valuers (NCJV), a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA), and has Diplomas in Applied Gemmology, Diamond Technology, and Gemological Studies. Sarah regularly undertakes professional development to keep up to date with market trends and best practices locally and internationally.

  • GAA Diploma in Gemology
  • Diploma in Diamond Technology
  • Certificate of Jewellery & Gemstone Valuation
  • GemologistDiamond Grader
  • NCJV Registered Valuer
  • Fellow of the GemmologicalAssociation of Australia;
  • Certificate in retail diamond consultancy
  • Certificate in Advanced Diamond Grading
  • Workshop in antiques valuation
  • Workshop in gemstone colored Stone Grading and Pricing using the ‘World of Colour’ system
  • Workshop on CVD and HPHT diamonds.

We maintain expertise by undertaking continual professional development through a range of recognised training courses. JVL safeguards the interests of its clients by operating in accordance with the highest standards of professional conduct, honesty, and ethics.