We offer a number of appraisals, valuation certificates, reports and gemmoloical laboratory services.

Our services provide a ‘validated’ description of Jewellery, watches and other fine valuable assets. Scientifically executed and independent.  Servicing the trade and public through a multitude of markets.

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jewellery valuation laboratory, jvl
Jewellery Drop-Off

At your appointment time, bring your jewellery to our secure premises. we will give you a clear quote and collecion time.

jewellery valuation laboratory, jvl

Each item of your jewellery will be carefully cleaned, photographed and weighed

jewellery valuation laboratory, jvl

Jewellery valuing requires a good deal of skill and experience. Each piece will have the metals and gemstones identified, measured and quality graded.

jewellery valuation laboratory, jvl
Your Valuation

Your jewellery valuation papers are a complete record with all you need for insurance cover. You receive a full vauation with Photographs, and a summary to your Insurance company.

Technical Knowledge

Principal Sarah Zeneldin has specialist knowledge in areas of gem and jewellery valuation, including watches. She has Australian and international qualifications as a diamond grader and gemmologist and regularly updates her skills through industry training both here and overseas.

Registered jewellery Value

Trained in all types of valuation functions. Over one decade of jewellery experience and extensive training in gems and jewellery.  A good understanding of valuation prinicples, methodology and ethics. Jewellery article requires scientific procedure with experience and knowledge in determining an accurate valuation

Jewellery Valuers with national council of jewellery valuers undergo extensive training in gemmology, Diamond grading and valuing and commit to a lifetime education

Rapidly changing gemstone enhancement, sources and synthesis technology and gem varieties, it is essential to stay current. Our regular attendance at important trade shows and educational conferences provide us with up to date training and knowledge to better serve your needs.

Impartial advice

As an independent jewellery valuer and gemstone grader, it means customers can be confident of receiving a fair, honest and accurate appraisal. JVL has no alliances with buyers, sellers or insurance agents.


From start to finish, client property and information are protected. Stones and jewellery are kept in a secure insured facility and final documents include a variety of intricate security measures to ensure their authenticity.

Latest gemmological equipment

Modern State of the art Gemological laboratory equipment, to ensure the client receives an accurate appraisal, that can be supported by scientific methods. When diamond grading, JVL grades to internationally accepted standards set by the GIA, International Diamond Council (IDC) and the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). Jewellery valuation laboratory uses  reference materials and grading rules and procedures set by international bodies. We then work within industry codes of practice to provide accurate and fair advice

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