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Gemmological Reports

This service encompasses the evaluation, identification, authentication, and analysis of diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery.

A Quality Assessment is ideal for customers who require an appraisal of jewellery without a valuation. The report contains detailed technical information, with all assessments conducted in the same way as  a full valuation.
They are useful for those wanting to:
• Prove ownership of an item that has been recovered after being stolen or lost.
• Have their jewellery fully assessed, but not for insurance purposes.
• Differentiate between two pieces of jewellery that look identical.
• Verify the authenticity of ítems.
• Assist police with a description in the event of loss or theft.
• Provide jewellery of similar quality to different people.
• Assess damage to jewellery.

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Gemstone Identification Report
Gemstone identification report provides detailed information about the gemstone and includes accurate dimensions, style of cut, quality of cutting and a photograph of the coloured stone.
A Gemstone report confirms the natural character of the gemstone after it has been tested, examined and analyzed.
Providing an in-depth report that outlines the Gemmological Properties and refers to any notable treatments
These reports are not considered a guarantee or warranty.
Diamond Quality Report
A diamond quality report offers detailed information on the 4 C’s (colour, cut, clarity, carat) of loose diamonds.
It confirms the natural character of the diamond and offers plotting of the internal and external characteristics of the diamond
• Diamond Identification – Natural vs Synthetic
• Diamond Plots – Inclusions & Blemishes
These Valuations are useful if you have purchased, or are considering buying, a diamond to be mounted in a piece of jewellery at a later date.
Diamond Quality Assesment Report
Independent, accurate assessment of the size, weight, and quality of mounted diamonds.
The only way a diamond’s true quality can be established is by analysis loose from the setting.
Many valuations are done on diamonds assessed in the setting where the carat weight and quality can only be estimated and the margin of error is wide.
These grading reports are not considered a guarantee or warranty. This report can be issued with a monetary  Value, upon request