There are myriad reasons for requiring an item valued.

  • Proof of ownership
  • Insurance coverage
  • Estate distribution
  • Divorce settlement
  • Private sale
  • Auction reserve
  • Damage Assessment claim
  • To protect and determine out the value of family heirlooms.ired.

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We provide professional and independent jewellery valuation certificates and reports prepared according to Jewellery Valuers guidelines, by registered valuers. An unbiased valuation that is not influenced by buyers, sellers, insurance agents.

While each valuation may require evaluation a valuation is mainly to provide information on the monetary worth of an item.

Depending on the type of appraisal, the defined needs of the client. Varying levels of evaluation may be required.

This valuation type is for the purpose of insurance, and is based on JVL’s opinion of what it may cost to either manufacture (where appropriate), or replace (in the condition as sighted), with a similar item in similar condition.


An insurance valuation provides an average replacement cost. a detailed and accurate description of the item, and high-resolution photographs – making it possible to identify, replace, and/or recreate an exact duplicate, in the event that replacement is required.


If clients have items they wish to specify individually on their insurance schedule, JVL certificates include a detailed examination and description of the jewellery, a clear photograph and a current replacement cost.


If the item is ever lost, damaged or stolen, all the information is in the certificate to ensure a jeweller can replace or repair the item. The amount does not represent JVL’s view as to the value for sale or for any other purpose.


It is important to realise that not all insurance valuations are created equal. An effective insurance valuation is a document that contains a good color photo, a detailed enough description to allow a current value to be calculated without re-examination of the items, and a value or values for each item that represents the amount the item should be covered for under the terms of the Policy. Photos alone are not enough to accurately establish the value of the jewellery in the case of burglary or loss.


This document is written in such a way, that any party reading it knows every aspect of the item and can re-create the item in the event of loss, theft or damage. All appraisals contain photographs of the described item

To ensure that items of value are split equitably amongst heirs, or if someone is administering an estate, an Estate Valuation will need to take place.

This allows all relevant parties to settle an estate, with the primary function to represent the clients best interest, regardless of whether an executor, guardian, or law firm is settling the matter. The process for an estate valuation follows the same guidelines as the insurance valuation process.

This valuation type is for the purpose of the market and is based upon the subjective opinion of what the item may reasonably be expected to attain at public auction. The amount does not represent JVL’s view regarding the insurance or replacement value and is not valid for any other purpose.

A matromonial valuation is used in the event  of divorce and provides a fair current market value of an item of jewellery for the division of marital assets.

A Market valuation reports the most common price for similar quality, age and condition items in the market, they are most commonly sold and determines whether the price of an item is fair.

The Market Valuation for a private sale is based on circumstances where one wishes to sell an article privately to an individual and wants to obtain a realistic price for that article. Given there is a willing buyer/willing seller, a reasonable figure is presented to both parties concerned.

This valuation type is for the purpose of the secondary market and is based upon the subjective opinion of what the item may reasonably be expected to attain at public auction. The amount does not represent JVL’s view regarding the insurance or replacement value and is not valid for any other purpose.

Valuation Certificate

All valuations are presented in a professional document that incorporates everything required to accurately identify and quantify a piece of jewellery.

Full valuation report, includes:

  • High-quality digital photograph of the item;
  • Statement describing the identity of the stone(s) and their shape, size, dimensions, and approximate weight;
  • Diamond grading (cut, carat, clarity & colour);
  • Description of metals in relation to their content, stampings, setting styles, design and gram weight;
  • Quality analysis – based on the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) system of grading;
  • Method of manufacture;
  • An estimated value;y Up To Date Is Easy.

A valuation certificate, including a high definition photo, provides proof that the stolen or lost piece exists, and indicates the estimated value of an item and is an official record of possessionIs Easy.

Jewellery Collection Folio

JVL can provide a full valuation on a collection of jewellery or a schedule depending on the purpose and function of the report. This report is ideal for insurance, financial, estate, division, wills, probate, divorce and other legal matters and can be issued with complete customer information.

Loss Assessment

A post-loss assessment is conducted when someone has suffered a loss or theft  and does not have any or perhaps has only limited or outdated evidence to support their insurance claim.

A post-loss assessment is not an actual valuation, as the item(s) can no longer be physically examined. However, it is considered a quotation or estimate for replacement, based upon the client’s relevant information. Completeness and accuracy of the information provided are critical, as even the small detail could have severe ramifications upon the final settlement amount.

In certain situations, your insurance company may request an external company  to conduct a post-loss assessment. Unlike members of the jewellery valuers Association, these companies are not valuers and only have minimal watch and jewellery knowledge. Therefore you could be agreeing to a settlement amount that does not truly reflect the item(s) you hold.

We can prepare you an independent, unbiased, post-loss assessment report, which can be submitted to your insurance company in support of your claim. It may help to ensure swifter, hassle-free, and possibly higher settlement.

JVL can provide a post-loss assessment for their insurance company. This is based on information provided by the client, regarding size, weight, colour etc. Photographs are also very helpful.

Updated Valuation Report

If you purchased a valuation directly from us. A copy of the valuation is stored in our archive for six years. Anytime during these six years, you can have the item(s) revalued at a reduced fee. We would recommend an updated valuation every two years.

Because of constantly changing gold prices, increases in international diamond prices, and a variable exchange rate, it can be hard to keep jewellery insured for the right amount. People often only discover they are under-insured when they make a claim.

At JVL Keeping The  Value Of Your Jewellery Up To Date Is Easy.

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