Jewellery Valuation document


All JVL valuation reports include a full description of the item, it’s size and quality assessment of any diamonds & coloured stones, carat weight, gold testing and quality of manufacture.


Presented in a professional document which incorporates relevant information required to accurately identify and quantify a piece of jewellery.


The full sized valuation report, includes:
  • Purpose of the appraisal
  • High quality digital photograph
  • Description of design, construction, metals, stampings, setting styles and gram weights.
  • Metal Testing
  • Gemstone Identification
  • Diamonds graded by cut, carat, clarity and colour.
  • Quality Assessment
  • Size Analysis
  • Manufacturing method
  • Type and quality of settings
  • Estimated value
Gemstones will be identified, graded, measured, and their weights calculated.


Each component of the piece, including the mount, settings and gemstones, are then given a price. These are combined to establish an estimated value based on the market purpose of the jewellery.


Notes outlining the procedures taken in preparation for the valuation, including limitations.


Jewellery Folio
JVL conducts a full valuation on any item of jewellery or a collection including item description, diamond grading, coloured stone identification and quality assessment, digital photo and value. This report is ideal for insurance purposes, estate, wills, probate and can be issued with complete customer information.


Updated valuation eport


A copy of the valuation is stored in our archive for six years. Anytime during these six years you can have the item(s) revalued at a reduced fee. We would recommend a re-valuation every two to three years depending on your insurance policy.


Because of constantly changing gold prices, increases in international diamond prices, and a variable exchange rate, it can be hard to keep jewellery insured for the right amount. Unfortunately, people often only discover they are under-insured when they make a claim


Keeping The Value Of Your Jewellery Up To Date Is easy!


Gemmological Reports
A Gemological report confirms the natural character and identification of a gemstone, diamond or jewellery item, after it has been examined, tested and analysed. Providing a written description of properties such as weight, colour, clarity and cut quality and outlines detailed technical information.


The gemmological report, includes:


A full description of the item, size and quality assessment of a diamonds or coloured stone:


  • High quality digital photograph
  • Gemstone Identification
  • Natural vs Labortory grown
  • Quality assessment
  • Size analysis
  • Shape
  • Colour and Clarity assessment
  • style of cut quality “make” .
  • Any notable Inclusions


This report can be issued with a Replacement Value, upon request


Diamond Quality Assesment Report


A diamond quaility assessment report provides detailed information on the 4Cs of mounted and unmountd diamonds and confirms the natural character and identification after it has been examined, tested and analysed. Providing a written description of properties such as weight, colour, clarity and cut quality and outlines detailed technical information.


A Quality Assessment report includes:


  • A digital photo of the diamond.
  • Diamond Identification
  • Natural vs Labortory grown
  • Shape
  • Dimensions
  • Color grade
  • Clarity grade
  • Carat weight
  • Cut grade
  • Proportions
  • Fluorescence


Independent assessments of the size, weight, and quality of loose diamonds. The only way a diamond’s true quality can be established is by analysis loose from the setting by qualified professionals. Many evaluations are done on diamonds assessed in the setting where the carat weight and quality can only be estimated.


This report can be issued with a replacement value upon request.


What is the purpose of a Diamond or Gemstone Report?


Diamond and Gemstone certificates provide information relating to the properties of a stone, such as authenticity, quality, cut, carat, grade or rarity. Certificates also describe the shape, measurements, proportions, and polish and symmetry of the gemstone(s). They also measure any fluorescence, and determine if the diamond is of natural origin or synthetic.


Third party Certifications are useful for private buying and selling, insurance purposes, and appraisals, giving the consumer confidence and transparency in their purchases.


Diamond or gemstone certificates are particularly useful if you have purchased, or are considering buying, a diamond to be mounted in a piece of jewellery at a later date.


It should be noted that information provided in a certificate is only relevant to the diamond or gemstone in question. In addition, grading reports do not include a valuation, or a monetary value.


As a service to its clients, JVL can explain and interpret pre-existing diamond certification to determine the authenticity of a diamond report, and verify that it is for that specific diamond in question. Some online purchases come with their own valuation certificate, however, these should be viewed with caution. Third party certification ensures your diamond and gemstone is genuine, and not



A range of valuation and evaluation solutions for your customers, with third-party independent certificates of valuation or reports for all varieties of diamonds, coloured gemstones, and items of jewellery in your stock.


As part of our Trade Services, JVL provides you with a report. All our reports are independent, accurate, and and include;


  • Luxury branded report
  • Reliability of delivery


We can provide the following services to the trade:


  • Stock valuation certificates
  • Quality. assessment reports
  • Insurance coverage for your customers’ jewellery.


If you are a jeweller, wholesaler or gem merchant and would like to offer a professional independent valuation service to your customers. This is where JVL can assist you.




Verbal Assessments
Are you looking for professional advice independent and unbiased jewellery opinion, a verbal assessment, for any reason is a good option, rather then a valuation. Only available for certain types of jewellery.


please contact us for a valuers appointment. Valuations will be charged on an hourly rate and we’ll give you an estimate when we sight the jewellery and agree on a full scope of work.